What is Air Vent Valve, And How Does It Even Work?

Air Vent Valve

The air vent valve are usually used in many piping system, so when we talk about piping system, we all should be aware that this type of air vent valve that we are going to be discussing about is involved in a large scale, therefore, most of this air vent valve can be found in industrial based piping system where it is located. In this topic, we are going to touch on the overall air vent valve’s function, and the way it works, so without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

Air Vent Valve

The air vent valve is used by many piping systems ‘s structure, due to its plumbing functionality which is able to automatically release air from a piping system or heating system. This air vent valve is mainly used in order to control the airflow in a piping system.

Air Vent Valve

Air Control By Air Vent Valve

Most of the time, it is common that air is able to get trapped within the pipeline, therefore, the need of having an air vent valve is almost as important and necessary in order to balance the pressure of the pipeline. There are many reasons as to why using an air vent valve is labeled as necessary and crucial, but instead of looking at those parts, let’s give some insights to what would happen to an industrial pipeline system if the air vent valve wasn’t made in the first place.

Here are some horrendous and unwanted issues that many people can face if they avoid using the air vent valve:

  • Pipe meter faulty reading
  • Corrosion
  • Water hammer
  • Flow issues
  • Pressure surges and many more.

If you are wondering the reason as to why these following unwanted issues could possibly happen? Well, the answer is short, it is due to the presence of air in the piping system. Piping systems which are congested by air, have many abilities in producing high amounts of pressure which can simply be caused  by the mentioned problem above. Hence, as a wise constructor, plumber or even a person, do always prioritize the use of air vent valve, as it can save you fortune by preventing this problem from arising.

Air Vent Valve

How Does The Air Vent Valve Work?

The air vent valve is always placed on the highest point of any type of piping system as it is considered that’s the most place where the air gets trapped along with water like liquid and fluid. Hence, the importance of placing these air vent valve, indeed has a reason, allow me to explain.

First of all, there would be air bubbles that would be entering these air vent valve by displacing the liquid inside. After that, this will cause the air vent valve to lower the liquid level which causes the level drop in the piping system where the air vent valve’s buoy float will drop as well. The moment the air vent valve’s buoy drops, this motion will drag the seat away from the orifice, by triggering the valve to open and vent or release the excessed or gathered amount of air onto the atmosphere.

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