What are the best Tupperware boxes

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As a Chef at home, it is impossible for me to do without it. These food boxes, often called Tupperware after the name of the famous brand, allow me to organize my refrigerator but also to keep all of my raw materials. It is all the more important for me because you have to transport sensitive home cooked food.

home cooked food

Otherwise, here is the list of criteria that you must focus on: 

The materials

These small storage boxes can be plastic or glass. 

Plastic is the most commonly used material because it is light and practical. Just make sure that these boxes do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates, or any other controversial substances. The plastic must be rigid enough, solid, and comply with the law n ° 10/2011 of the Directorate of Health and Consumers of the Commission of the European Union. 

Glass is a fairly noble and solid material but will be very heavy. But if you don’t like plastic, this is the best alternative.

Finally, also pay attention to closing the lid. If this joint has a joint, it is even better to avoid the deposit of food and the formation of germs. 

Ease of maintenance

Also make sure that your future food boxes, as well as their lids, can be placed in the dishwasher. Usually they will have to be placed on the top drawer.

While this is often the case with glass models, it will not always be true for plastic models.


Already it starts with the shape but also with the possibility of fitting them together. So make sure that these food boxes can fit into each other to limit clutter as much as possible.

Also, it is preferable that these Tupperware can be used in the microwave, but also go in the freezer. 

Generally, the resistance range of good food boxes is from + 110 ° C to -20 ° C. 

The capacity

It will also pay attention to the number of boxes, lids and the composure of these. The more you have, the better, but it will be better to prioritize quality over quantity.

Also, the shape which will generally be square, rectangular or circular. Personally, I don’t like round boxes because they are impractical to store in a refrigerator. 

The price 

There are storage boxes at all prices. I advise you all the same to avoid the first price boxes. Between the poor quality of the materials and the more than questionable durability, putting a few euros in price to buy a good set will be more judicious. At the risk of having to buy more within a few weeks / months.

A small thing to know also, the prices are generally much more interesting on the Internet. Especially on large e-commerce sites. Conversely in stores, prices are sometimes random and the choice is much more limited. You have been warned!

The Tupperware, the original

It is the benchmark for food storage boxes. So much so that Tupperware has become a common word for these wrappers.

The products are generally more expensive than the competition, but the quality and know-how of the brand are there!

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