Top Five of The Most Luxurious First Class Airlines

Travelling is one of the best things you can do to gain life experiences. With the help of companies like Aircraft and Aviation Management in Malaysia, your flight will always be smooth and steady. 

Some passengers enjoy their journey differently than others. If you are interested in learning about the first-class lifestyle or wish to travel in luxury, the following list is for you. Below, we have selected in ascending order from fifth to the very first the 5 most luxurious first-class cabins in the world!

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines A380 (new) First Class Suites overview - Point Hacks

Singapore is famous for its lavish experience and it is thus no wonder that Singapore Airlines ranks sixth on our list of luxury airlines.

Mood lighting, an extra wide seat, free WiFi, entertainment on a 24-inch TV, and complete privacy are provided.

Air France

The Hardest First Class Products to Book Using Points and Miles

Air France is the fourth airline on this rank.  You’ll never forget your stay in their first-class cabin at La Première which is particularly noteworthy for French people.

Cosmetics, high quality bathrobe with cotton, slippers and socks, entertainment TV and free WiFi are all included.


Why Lufthansa keeps first class but is reconsidering sandwich catering -  Runway GirlRunway Girl

Lufthansa, one of the largest airlines in Europe, making a small shift away from first-class seats. Because there are still plenty of first-class seats available, luxury travellers should not be discouraged.

Complimentary shower lounge experience, all-you-can-eat/drink buffet and sleeping space, and privacy, free WiFi and entertainment on a TV screen.


Emirates Passenger Self-Upgrades to First Class, Assaults and Sexually  Harasses Flight Attendant..… | Emirates first class, First class flights,  Emirates cabin crew

Emirates came within the width of a hair to capture the top spot. A first class ticket on this airline will provide you the joys that you didn’t even realise you missed! You may never be able to live a regular life again.

Arrival on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a fully enclosed private room with 32-inch TV and an entertainment system, virtual aircraft passenger windows, a fully-stored minibar and video chat with flight attendants!

Etihad Airways 

Review Etihad First Class Apartment A380 Abu Dhabi to London

The ‘Apartment’ cabin at Etihad Airways is one of the most magnificent first class rooms in our list. If it weren’t for the windows, you would probably forget you’ve ever been on an aircraft. This would be the only journey in which the landing will make you sad that you’re leaving the comfortable cabin behind..

The private “apartment” prices include shower, shower gels, shampoo, 7-foot long bed, a large sleeper, ‘Vanity’ unit with makeup and mirror, complimentary lounge equipment and bathrobe, WIFI, flat screen TV with entertainment system.

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