The Role Of Public Relation in Your Branding

What is public relations and branding? 

Public relations is the act of deliberate spread of information between the people and the brand. The aim of the communication strategy is to improve the favorable view of the brand from the eyes of its stakeholders, shareholders, leaders, competitors, and many more. Public relation has been mistaken for a lot of things over the years. Some people equate advertising to be the same as PR, while others consider PR the same as marketing.

PR is an important component of our marketing strategy. It is part of the integrated marketing communications plan which all have some general objectives of the business. The objectives of the business are in line with the branding of the business. 

Does the public relations strategy whether it consists of establishing ambassadors, publishing in the news, press releases, creating content for social media have any role in the branding of the company?

Branding consists of more than just the logo. Or the colors of the brand. When we say it’s a brand, it represents the quality, performance, power, influence, how effective it is, and how appealing it is to the individuals.

When we talk about a brand such as Nike, it is not about the products of Nike itself. It encompasses the logo, the reputation, the function, programs, customer service, marketing, advertisements, and even models associated with Nike. It is fair to say that branding is an important function of the business. 

Without branding and a branding company, people have nothing to imagine of the organization. Randing improves the prevalence of the organization or business among people. And it is important to note that, anything could be branded. Whether you are a person, an NGO you could be branded. So whatever object or business or person it may be, how does PR play a role in building your perfect branding? 

Public relation is not necessarily about branding but it is the voice that speaks your brand for you. A lot of the time PR activities are about representation and education about your brand. What we say in the public stands to be remembered and recalled by people.

Whatever that people remember is part of the brand. So the PR strategy we have for our organization must be a reflection of the brand and the core values of the brand. If a brand values integrity and honesty it must reflect in its press releases and spokespersons.

PR is also the middle man between the public and the organization. The purpose of the branding is to increase awareness among the targeted public. The difference between branding narration and public relation communications is that PR speaks to everyone, and not just a segment of the market. This is extremely beneficial in branding since we need PR to be the facilitator.

PR is the one who speaks to the world about the authenticity of the brand, the quality of the brand, and the trustworthiness. When the brand is in hot waters, or in a crisis PR is the first in line to defend the brand name. 

A business needs both PR and branding to survive in the world of endless competition. 

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