The Importance Of Talking About Sex

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You know when we talk about taboo topics in Southeast Asia, it should always be in a secluded area to avoid having people listening to the content of our sharing, yet in today’s article, we are going to break the rules. In today’s article, we going to touch about the importance of talking about sex, and what it will cause to us, so without further ado, let’s get straight to the topic.

Talking about sex more often or occasionally with your friends, or even with your children as a parent will allow you to have an open relationship with your loved once, where there won’t be any shame, embarrassed and even judgment existing in that relationship. Why?

The Barrier Being Lifted

When we talk about barriers in a relationship, it is more to a boundary in a relationship, those boundaries or barriers can vary from many aspects. If you are a friend, a husband, a wife, a child, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, an uncle, an aunt, a grandfather or even a grandmother, each of these individuals do tend to have their own limits in accordance with their own personal preference. There’s no right or wrong on those limits, but the openness of an individual to talk and share is something that many don’t have the guts to do.  And most importantly, if those talk consist of R-Rated stuff, then, that is definitely one of the weird awkward talk it’s going to be, because the attempt that would be made in order to conceal the information about sex, it just blasphemy for many Asians. But if you are someone who have cross that threshold, and do have this sex talk going on with your kids, friends, then it means you doing the right thing!

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Being Vulnerable

No one likes to be vulnerable, even with our loved ones. With that being said, the talk of sex do put people in a vulnerable position, as they are sharing their experience of how it is like for them. Just to make it clear, not all individual will be able to share their sex life or their experience of having sex or masturbating with sex toys or adult toys like penis ring, vibrators which can be get at the top best selling dildo in Malaysia. As has been mentioned above, everyone has their own limits and boundaries, being open tends to compromise a lot of things about you, because at some point you are able to overshare things to people.

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Connecting Will Be More Easy

Being open will not only break your boundaries, but it will also help you to be vulnerable in order to relate with someone. This statement especially applies to children or teenagers who might have started to feel the change already. The reason behind being vulnerable and having the barrier lift up when it comes to sex, is to encourage your loved once to share their thoughts, opinion regarding it without having to worry about it. This way, they will always know that they are someone to listen to them if they themselves are going a rough patch when it comes to their sex life. 

In conclusion, sex talk is not going to attract people to go and have sex, but it does the opposite. It allows people to know about their self worth and what they should know before engaging in one.

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