Science Foundation Course In Malaysia

The science foundation program is given to students who are enrolled in a Malaysian university and must have completed at least Year 2 of their degree. The program aims to provide an understanding of the physical, biological, and social sciences, as well as develop practical, transferable skills that will serve students well throughout their academic lives. This course is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in these fields following graduation or those who have already graduated but would like an update of knowledge. Foundation programs are a core feature in Malaysia. These programs prepare students for entry-level professional occupations in the fields of science and technology. Malaysia has been creating a number of science foundation courses. However, there are not many that offer a proper curriculum and syllabus for these courses. 

Science Foundation course in Malaysia

As Malaysia is in the process of developing a science foundation course, it is also developing its own syllabus and curriculum. The country’s education ministry has collaborated with other international partners, who have helped to establish the program as a viable option for students in Malaysia. Through a partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the University of New South Wales (UNSW), UNSW has been actively involved in the development of Malaysia’s Science Foundation Program. UNSW has worked closely with Malaysian government officials, educators, and students to support their development efforts. The reason for this collaboration stems from different levels of academic achievement across developed countries. One such example would be UNSW Indonesia’s Science Foundation Program which was established at an earlier time than its counterparts in other countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Science Foundation course in Malaysia

The foundation program for science students in Malaysia is an academic path that is of a two-year duration. They are also known as pre-university programs. The foundation program has a very rigorous curriculum that relies on the student to formulate their own learning and teaching process. The Science Foundation  course  in Malaysia consists of four modules: Mathematics, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. The student will have to choose one module to study during their first year of the program and then another module to study during their second year of the program.  The science foundation course is an advanced-level course designed for students who have already completed their secondary education. This course is also a requirement for students who want to pursue science as a career. It also provides the student with hands-on experience in various scientific fields. Students are able to use their acquired knowledge in future endeavors or make them better learners of other subjects. Malaysia’s National Science Foundation (MNSF) is a public foundation that supports and develops the nation’s science and engineering capabilities. MNSF provides a range of courses that are offered to both school students as well as professionals. It comprises a total of six foundation programs, which are: science foundation, biochemistry, computing foundations, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, and information technology foundations. Aside from the fundamental concept of science courses, this foundation program also provides students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge on topics such as: Scientific Method, Scientific Revolution, Science in Society and Science Ethics.

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