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For a DSL modem, it is slightly different. This is connected to a telephone jack where is behind a pair of copper wires going to a street terminal. In the case of time fibre, these terminals are fitted with equipment that then passes the signal over optical fibres in the operator’s network. These fibres will go to the operator’s equipment allowing connection to the exterior.

TM Unifi Malaysia connection from the guide “Planning your connection ”

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The optical fibre

Whether you have one fibre all to yourself or one shared right from the start, it doesn’t have huge impacts. You always end up joining a point and a device that will put several connections on a single other and therefore have to share this bandwidth.


For mobile networks, this was already the case in 2G and will also be the case in 5G. The bandwidth is shared by all the devices connected to the same antenna. Thus, if the networks of the future will allow 10 Gbit / s, this will have to be shared by all the users connecting to the antennas offering this signal and this bandwidth in your area.

Once on the antennas, the problem is the same as with other technologies. This passes over optical fibres and then passes through the operator’s equipment to reach the outside world.

The operator

Once at the operator, your connection should allow you to get in touch with what you want to have. There will then be 3 scenarios; what is direct with the operator, what is connected to your operator (one of its customers) or then somewhere in the world.

At the operator

The majority of operators around the world offer their services. This ranges from a simple mailbox to a large number of specific services such as Internet TV. All of this is usually under its brand.

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