Postpartum Recovery: What You’ll Need

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In the postpartum phase, there is a lot going on. You obviously have a new baby to look after, but you’ll also require some attention. Regardless matter how easy or tough your delivery was, you’ll be uncomfortable and painful for a while, and recovery can be a bit, well, messy. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy postpartum care products Malaysia that can help alleviate your postpartum discomfort and make your adjustment to new motherhood as smooth as possible. As your pregnancy draws to a close, here’s what to put in your shopping basket.

1. Maxi Pads that are both durable and comfortable

Bleeding and discharge, known as lochia, is common for a few weeks after you give birth. That’s where maxi pads come in—and yes, throughout the postpartum period, it’s recommended to stick to pads and avoid tampons. That’s because the lochia your body is releasing contains bacteria, and blocking it with a tampon or menstrual cup might force bacteria back up into your uterus, causing an infection. You want everything to flow out. In addition, if you had a vaginal delivery, he says, your vagina needs to heal.

2. Disposable Underwear

Bleeding can be intense in the days and weeks following childbirth. During the postpartum period, it’s quite likely that you’ll bleed through your panties at least once. That’s why she suggests investing in disposable underwear or at the very least a couple of pairs that you’re willing to discard if they get dirty. Many women take home a free cache of elastic, disposable mesh underwear from the hospital. If those are too flimsy for you, some brands are now creating absorbent “period panties” and even underwear expressly for postpartum moms.

3. Ice Pack

Your vaginal area will most likely swell after giving delivery. Applying ice to the area is a simple and effective technique to relieve pain, especially in the first 24 hours after giving birth. Women have tried everything from reusable ice packs to putting ice chips in an adult diaper, but Frida Mom has come up with a brilliant 2-in-1 absorbent maxi pad and ice pack that is tailored to cover the entire perineal area.

4. Peri Bottle

A postpartum bathroom necessity is a peri rinse bottle. As the bottle keeps everything clean, you’re less likely to get sick. Your vagina will be large and painful after giving birth, making wiping with regular toilet paper a chore. To use it, fill the bottle halfway with warm water and squirt it from front to back while peeing. This helps to dilute the urine and keep the region clean while also reducing irritation. After that, you can use it to rinse the area. You may squirt down onto your vagina rather than lowering your hand to squirt up.

5. Perineal Spray

The area around your perineum can become unpleasant and irritating if you had sutures there. Pain and discomfort are relieved using perineal sprays, which function as a local anaesthetic. If you prefer something more natural, opt for benzocaine- and butane-free herbal perineal spray made exclusively for postpartum care.

buy postpartum care products Malaysia
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