Items New Moms Can’t Live Without

best breastfeeding creams

Congratulations on the birth of your first child. You’re ecstatic, but perhaps a little nervous about the baby registration process. Understandably, being a first-time mother might be a difficult endeavour. I’ve been asked to share my five favourite baby products that I couldn’t live without as a mom of three-year-old twins. Then I asked a few new AMC moms to tell me about their favourite “can’t live without” goods. In no particular order, here is our top list of baby items:

best breastfeeding creams
  • Crib

The crib is the most well-known of all baby products. But when comes to deciding which one will look best in your home, we follow two rules: safety and style. Because you’ll be staring at this furnishing every day for years, it should be perfect. I love Babyletto’s models, including this Hudson, which turns into a toddler bed when the time comes.

  • Swaddles

Another thing that infants enjoy is being squeezed and hugged tightly. When you’re not holding them, swaddling is an excellent technique to give them the feeling of compression. They will demonstrate to you how to swaddle your baby with a receiving blanket or muslin in the hospital, but both of my babies quickly outgrew it. My babies couldn’t get their arms out of their swaddles when they squirmed, so I used swaddles. They are quite beneficial in keeping newborns relaxed.

  • Breastfeeding Cream

I cannot stress enough how important breastfeeding creams are and how they saved my life. When I breastfeed my babies, I can’t articulate the nipple sore that I experience. I consulted a doctor and she recommended me some of the best breastfeeding creams. I have used it and will use them again if I were to have more babies in the future. Breastfeeding cream is my lifesaver (along with some stress-relieving activities).

  • Bouncer

A bouncer can also be very useful. When you’re about to get some work done, a bouncer provides a safe place for your youngster to sit while you work. Not only that, but it also gives them some fun, preventing them from becoming bored and wailing. When choosing a bouncer, make sure it has dangling toys and gives some vibration. The vibrating sensation, which feels like someone is rocking them, is very appealing to infants. You’ll also want to ensure sure the bouncer doesn’t create a lot of noise or play distracting music that will get on your nerves after a while. So shop with caution.

  • Backpack Diaper Bag

I admit that I purchased a cute standard diaper bag and a less-than-cute bag for my spouse. The truth is that we share a diaper bag. And, knowing what I know now, a more utilitarian backpack diaper bag would have been preferable. A backpack bag is far less taxing on mom’s body and allows you to use both hands. Juggling a bag on one shoulder (that likes to come off), a heavy car seat on the other arm, car keys, and so on is difficult. Invest in a backpack to help your busy, exhausted body. Also, you are not required to purchase a ‘diaper’ bag. There are a plethora of bags on the market with just as many pockets for your goods and are likely to be less priced.

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