How to increase bandwidth on wi-fi?

Whether you’re a gamer, occasionally streaming, or just a huge fan of cat videos, bandwidth is an essential part of your internet experience. If your videos are crashing or your connection seems slower than usual, chances are you are not getting enough bandwidth, as your hardware may have a problem or someone is intentionally limiting it.

What is bandwidth?

You can only solve a problem if you have enough knowledge, right? So let’s start with the basics and find out exactly what bandwidth is and how it influences your internet speed.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be downloaded or loaded from your computer in a given period. In other words, the bandwidth determines how much of the advertised speed you will actually receive.

The best way to explain and understand bandwidth (and internet speed) is to use an analogy. Think of your connection as a two-way road (bandwidth), on which all cars (data) travel at the same speed. Driving there is fun as long as there aren’t too many cars on the track. The fuller it gets, the more slowly you advance. But this problem can be solved if more lanes are built for the cars to run. The same goes for bandwidth – the more you have, the more data you can upload and download at the same time.

Is your bandwidth insufficient? Lets test

If you think you have a low bandwidth problem, the best way to test is to run a speed test that will tell you the exact speed at that time. Compare the results with the numbers announced by your internet service provider and you will know for sure whether or not you need unifi fibre broadband.

As mentioned earlier, buying a 25 Mbps internet plan does not guarantee that you will always have 25 Mbps. It’s one thing to connect just one cell phone to your home internet, quite another to connect twelve devices to the same network at the same time, doing things that consume a lot of bandwidth, like watching high-definition videos, multiplayer online games or using torrent.

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