How To Carry Food So That It Is Better Preserved

eco friendly reusable food containers

Children sometimes need to carry food in their backpack to eat at school or on excursions. The time that these foods spend in the backpack and the heat can affect the conservation of the food and even its health. Learning to preserve food in eco friendly reusable food containers helps keep it in good condition until children have to eat it.

Food should be preserved if we do not put it in the refrigerator in a cool and dry place where it does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. A temperature that is difficult to maintain in a classroom or on a school bus without air conditioning. Therefore, we have to find solutions so that food is not kept at a higher temperature or try to keep it below that temperature.

Proper food preservation is the most effective means of avoiding food poisoning due to bacteria. “Some bacteria can grow (multiply) from a million to many millions if the right conditions of humidity, food, heat and time are given. The greater the presence of bacteria, the greater the likelihood of infection and disease. The most common types of bacteria that can cause infection are: Campylobacter, Escherichia Coli and salmonella ”, it is pointed out in this article on food poisoning.

eco friendly reusable food containers

Solutions to preserve food

The best way to preserve food is to store it in the refrigerator or freezer. The cold helps the degrading elements in food act up to ten times slower than they would at room temperature. But when we have to take food away from home, it will be impossible to store it somewhere unless they have a small refrigerator in class, as some companies already have.

The simplest solution is to use a travel fridge that, with its corresponding ice cubes, is capable of maintaining a low enough temperature to preserve food. At present we can put modern thermal plates or gel bags in the refrigerator that will not melt like ice when we put them inside the portable refrigerator. The colder we manage to keep the food, the longer it will be kept in optimal conditions. We can also purchase a thermal food bag or backpack whose metallic interior protects them.

A lifelong trick is to put food in an airtight container and then wrap it in newspaper to insulate it from outside heat. Another good idea is to only bring food that can be preserved without any danger such as preserves, dehydrated fruits, fruits and bread and their derivatives. The insulated bags sold in supermarkets can also be useful for moving ice cream or frozen food. They can keep food cold longer.

All foods

As for liquids , the water will always be better conserved. Natural juices do not keep well and you have to be careful with them. Yes, you can bring packed juices or soft drinks, but to keep them cold for several hours they must be stored in a refrigerator.

Fresh products or any food prepared with fresh eggs should not be brought. For example, homemade salad or a potato omelette. Sauces that contain egg or cream should be avoided and if it is a packaged sauce it should be consumed on the same day as it can become contaminated. You also have to be careful with seafood and especially with shell mollusks.

eco friendly reusable food containers
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