How Time Fibre Solutions Come With the Best Deals

Time 100mbps

The MPLS (multiprotocol label switching), it is a private network that does not depend on the Internet, but a private operator. It provides for the guaranteed bitrate of, a security maximum and a flow prioritization. An   IPsec VPN uses 15% of the bandwidth just for data encryption, with no control over the speed. With Time 100mbps the options are now getting enhanced.

Time 100mbps

As part of MPLS, you can modulate the flow through QoS (Quality of Service):

It allows to prioritize certain flows (voice, video, email, file transfers). Thus, the single operator who supervises the network can offer constant throughput and GTR and GTI type guarantees.

Since it is a private network, MPLS presents less risk of an intrusion than a VPN. In addition, it is a shared and centralized service. Therefore, a single MPLS can secure multiple sites. This type of system is therefore preferred for companies that process very sensitive data and require a large bandwidth. It is vital to know how to increase bandwidth on wi-fi.

Citrix or RDS access

Different solutions for accessing remote computers are now available to companies. The Citrix firm is notably developing the Virtual Desktops solution, within the Citrix Workspace range. Its equivalent at Microsoft is Remote Desktop Services (RDS), which is part of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) set up by Microsoft. This service, which allows a user to connect to a remote computer using Microsoft Terminal Service, uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

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