Five ways big businesses safeguard their data.

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Data protection has become necessary for all businesses, regardless of size, in recent times. Although huge firms experiencing data violations, such as Facebook, Orbitz or Quora, are headlines, small and medium-sized companies are awaiting a more worrying reality: 60% of them are out-of-company within six months of a cyber-attack, the National Cyber Security Alliance said.

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In consequence, an increased level of urgency has been added to the necessity for all organizations to achieve certain data protection measures throughout the world. In many situations, big companies are well ahead of the game because they have already developed and tested their cybersecurity strategies in the last few years. Let’s look at the best techniques to protect information in an organization and guarantee the security of company data.

To know where and where the data are

One of the most important stages towards successful data protection is to know exactly where and which data are stored. Companies can take educated judgments on the actions they have to take to safeguard them by properly understanding their data flow and their vulnerability.

Large companies utilize data discovery technologies for scanning corporate networks for sensitive data, and often have the choice to delete or encrypt data when they are found on computers that are not permitted to view them. Transparency in terms of compliance and the establishment of efficient data protection policies are essential in the age of data protection rules.

The usage of board-wide encryption.

Encryption has now become the important step for protecting company data and securing sensitive information from encrypted discs, USB, and phones to encrypted data prior to its transfer to the cloud or on mobile devices.

Encryption addresses two prevalent data protection risks in the world economy today: an ever-moving workforce and the growth of remote labor. Encryption ensures that, if devices regularly leave the security of business networks, they are inaccessible to external users in the event of theft or loss.

Data security on the cloud.

The internet has become an essential component of digitization initiatives, but as data relocates to the cloud, the problem of cloud security has provoked intense disputes among CIOs and information security professionals. Whereas many claim that the security procedures used by cloud service providers on their servers much outnumber those implemented by a small or even large corporation on its on-premises servers, many organizations are concerned that the security of their most sensitive data is out of their hands.

The most typical rules used by large corporations involve the employment of instruments specialized in cloud data protection or a restriction on the types of data stored in the cloud. Another approach is to encrypt important data before sending it to the cloud.

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