Digital Marketing and The Works Part 2

online marketing agency, Republic

In the last article, I spoke about what digital marketing is and how that could help your businesses grow. Today, I’ll be talking about SEO, a tool that is used in digital marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO is also known as search engine optimization is a tool that is used to help businesses promote, advertise and market their company’s products and services, albeit indirectly. This tool is usually used by digital marketing specialists to help boost and create awareness for companies. Professionals can be hired from places such as an online marketing agency, Republic that specialises in helping their clients in this area. So why should you hire a specialist, is what many ask? What can they do for your business that you can’t do yourself? Well, let me enlighten you. 

online marketing agency, Republic

What Does SEO Do?

Generate more leads

To begin with, search engine optimization helps by generating leads for a business. This means that more people would be paying attention to your company and your brand. How this is done so is that digital marketers would make the blogs or articles written by them more accessible to the public. To put it simply, when others go online and search up something related to business, say a product or service, your business that has SEO incorporated into its digital marketing would have higher chances of appearing on people’s search engine compared to that of your competitors who might not be utilising SEO. 

Doing so ensures that the articles written for your businesses would have a higher probability of generating more leads, hence, bringing more attention to it. This directly impacts your brand awareness as people are becoming more and more aware of the existence of your brand. And who knows, they could like your brand so much that they share it with other people. This is where social media comes in. As opposed to the traditional methods of talking and explaining in person, people find it easier to share what they wish to through social media. Hence, social media becomes a tool that is used to increase your brand awareness, albeit indirectly. 


So how is it that SEO can help you generate more leads? One way that digital marketers do this is by including specified keywords in the articles written by them. These keywords are related to the company’s business either through the products or services that are being sold. Usually what is done is that the keywords are highlighted and tagged, after which will be programmed into the search engines optimization. Then SEO will help customers by making their searches easier. Since the keywords have been saved, you can search up those keywords and your business’s articles will pop up. An added bonus is that SEO is able to make your articles specified and customised in a way that will help draw more attention to them. Thus, this increases your company’s brand awareness.

online marketing agency, Republic

Promotes brand awareness 

Now that we know that SEO can generate more leads, we should be able to conclude that your company, should you utilise SEO, would be able to receive more attention. In other words, you are able to create your own brand and add value to it so as to make it stand out from other brands. This is called brand awareness. Simply put, the greater the brand awareness, the larger the pool of your customers will be, which in turn means that your business is heading towards a successful path.  

How Does SEO Benefit Your Business?

Makes your business more visible

To start off, SEO’s main purpose is to make your business more noticeable and visible to online users. This is so it can turn those online users into potential customers. How this works is that SEO makes your company stand out more compared to the other businesses that are similar to yours, or in other words, your competitors. What SEO does is that it uses tools such as keywords that will aid in helping customers find your company. So the next time a customer types in keywords related to your company into the search tab, articles are written for your company would turn up. 

Be The First Pick

So, what do I mean by being the first pick? What SEO specialists can do for your business is make it the company that customers might choose first. How this works is that SEO specialists will write articles for your company that will aid in marketing and advertising your business. It’s a type of soft advertising that will not pressure customers and make them feel uncomfortable. Instead what they do is make sure that your article is noticed by your customers. This way, the probability of customers picking you is a lot higher.

Specialised and Customised Searches 

Moving on, SEO specialists will also make the articles written by them customised. How this works is that SEO specialists utilise keywords that customers would probably type into the search engines. This means customers will be able to find what they are looking for much more easily. Instead of having to scroll through the entire search engine, the articles that they are looking for will probably be on the first page.

Help Them Find You

Remember how I said keywords are used. These keywords not only help customers find what they are looking for but also make your articles more noticeable by your customers. This means that instead of actively looking for clients, you can have your clients find you. This also increases their chances of staying loyal to your company as they already know that you have what they are looking for. 

online marketing agency, Republic
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