Choosing Your Baby’s Feeding Bottle

You may feel confused by the variety of baby bottles available for you when it concerns bottle-feeding your child. There are multiple different types of materials and sizes. How in the world do you decide? There isn’t a baby bottle that meets the standards set by experts. It ultimately comes down to which ones are best for both you and your kid. Therefore, as a parent, you need to begin, whether you want to or not eventually. It certainly is not a minor matter to discuss. Hence, here are the fundamentals of infant bottles, so ease in and read on.

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First Tip To Choosing The Baby Bottle

Bottles are not one of the items you should stock up on before your baby is born, even if it is advised. This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that some baby bottle online malaysia are advertised as magical feeding unicorns, your baby’s approval will ultimately determine which ones you choose. Therefore, start out with a small number, perhaps even just two distinct categories. This will prevent you from having a stockpile of bottles that your child might reject.

Material of the Baby Bottle

The materials used to make bottles include plastic, silicone, glass, and stainless steel. Being lightweight and unbreakable when dropped are advantages of plastic bottles. Their repeated replacement is a drawback because they deteriorate over time. Scratches, cracks, leaks, colour changes, and offensive odours are a few indicators of deterioration. Make sure the bottles are brand-new if you prefer to use plastic ones. An ingredient that is no longer permitted in infant items, BPA, or bisphenol A, may be present in older plastic bottles. 

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Food-grade silicone is BPA-free, flexible, and lightweight in bottles. If dropped, they won’t just shatter but is a possibility of it bouncing back! Glass bottles are naturally BPA-free and robust, but they are also bulky and brittle. To prevent breakage, some glass bottles are equipped with silicone sleeves. Bottles made of stainless steel are lightweight, BPA-free, and robust. However, these are the most expensive items on the shelf, so you will practically pay for them. You can’t see how much liquid is within them from the outside, which is another consideration, unlike with other bottle materials.

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Sizes & Shapes of the Baby Bottles

Bottles often come in regular, broad, and angled designs, as well as small and big infant bottle sizes. The typical bottles have a tall, straight shape and are simple to fill and clean. The neck of the angled baby bottles is bent so that milk pools at the bottom, possibly preventing your child from inhaling air. The drawback is that they could be more difficult to fill and maintain. Wide, short nipples that resemble breasts are intended to be held in wide-shaped baby bottles. Bottles typically come in two sizes: small (about 4 ounces) and big (about 8 ounces). When babies are newborns, small sizes are practical because they only consume roughly 2-3 ounces every feeding. However, babies outgrow small bottles rapidly, so if you like to save money, you can start using large bottles right away instead.

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