You’re the Creative Type? Follow your Dreams! But Have A Safety Net

Are You Looking To Go Into The Creative Field?

People and society tend to really bring down the creative types. We always tend to say, oh that won’t get the money or a job, or that the skill they employ is useless, when in reality, art is everywhere, on signboards and logos, films, photos, music, etc. It is everywhere and is quite a sizable market here in Malaysia.

However, the market is rather hard to get into and many of those who only rely on their creative skillset to earn them money may have some difficulty in the beginning.

But if you were to take a creative course in university, you should try to get into some internships that are in that field while you are there as employers are mostly looking for experience when they look through your resume.

Here are some resume tips for creatives:

Parents of most millennials and Gen Z kids would usually disregard any creative skill they might propose for a future job, with the most common saying “That won’t earn you money” or “That’s not a real job”. But the world drastically has changed from what it was when our parents were young.

With the digital age surrounding us, we are now seeing more and more user-generated content. Take for instance YouTube or Soundcloud, there are lots of people creating their own works. DeviantArt may also serve as a good example of those who create art and digital art.

Because of this, funding platforms such as Patreon have emerged where artists can obtain funding from those who are willing to support them. This serves as an example of reward-based crowdfunding. For example, a YouTube channel can have a 10 dollar pledge package and whichever one of their fans subscribes to said package, they could have access to exclusive live streams or behind the scenes footage.

But, before you go and create a Patreon page in hopes of obtaining some cash for your arts, do consider these factors.

Firstly, many large YouTube channels mostly never start out using their channels as the main source of income.

Another factor is that if you are just staging, now, I’m not saying that you are never going to create beautiful work, just not when you are just starting out. Practice makes perfect, and this is very true in the case of creative content. In terms of financing, people tend to avoid commissioning those who are starting out, but if your art shows potential but is at a price many do not favour, then the commissions won’t come through. But once you build up the quality of your work, you will surely get people’s attention. In all, you will most likely not be earning a lot of money if you rely only on selling your art, doing this as a secondary source of funds might be more suitable while you are employed in another job.

In terms of music, it might be different, those who studied music or sound in the university are probably given more advice on the career path of that field, but for the most part, many small-time musicians create music as a side job. Either through busking or creating music and putting it online along with a funding platform like Patreon.

The main point to take away from these factors is that one should always have a job and a main source of income if they are looking to get into the creative sphere if they seek to be financially sound.

In Malaysia, some people have their own online ‘shops’ on Instagram where they can sell their crafts, for example, a mother selling crochet dolls. In most cases, these small ventures are a side job and the person behind creating these works usually have a full-time job somewhere else.

But if you are a parent and your son or daughter wants to be a YouTuber or an artist, don’t bring them down and mock their dreams, this will have a negative impact on their confidence in themselves. What you should try to do is explain to them about the situation. You could still encourage them to be creative if they are very passionate but ensure that they have some sort of safety net to fall onto when they have trouble succeeding financially in their hobby.

If they seek to enter a university course that is within their interest, don’t deter them from it! Passion is a main driving force and when there is passion, there is away. But as mentioned before, advise your kids about how employers are looking for experience, so encourage them to go do some internships to gain work experience that may grab the attention of future employers.

Let’s explain this better with an example, say your daughter wants to make films as she is very passionate about films and movies, so you let her take that film course at the university. Usually, the university would suggest that she gets to experience so that she can enter the industry with less difficulty.

But if that isn’t the case then it is up to you to inform her on how she can get experience. In all, advise your kids about the industry and job market and how experience is important. But never bring your kid down and belittle them for having a dream, especially if they are passionate about it. Your moral support as a parent would mean so much for your kid!

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Now back to you the creative types, never be dissuaded by those who belittle you for doing something you like. If you feel like your work is not good enough, keep trying! Practice makes perfect and with patience, you can get rewarded. Many artists start out small and their first works aren’t usually what you would call solid gold. No upcoming director would be able to make an Oscar-worthy film in their first few goes, or no upcoming music producer would be able to make an Emmy award-winning album at the start of their career.

There are many motivational stories of creative people who struggled but came out on top in the end. So don’t let the judgmental eyes of society deter you from doing something you are passionate, so go ahead! Draw that comic, create that track or film that movie! But just remember, for your sake, have a safety net to fall into, be prepared to before heading out in the world of job hunting within your relevant industries.

There is a saying, “if you are good at something, never do it for free.” This is the case with most careers and skills, including creative skills. Never let those belittle you sating that what you do has no value because it is not difficult in comparison to other jobs.

What you do is your passion, and you should never compare your passion with others for the sake of becoming better.

Tunggu apa lagi? Cari kerja di sini!