Why you need to find a chemical manufacturer in Malaysia

Producers and distributors of basic chemicals, primarily used to formulate chemicals or other more complex products. These include raw plastics and rubber, glass fibers, and synthetic fibers.

Specialty Chemicals

  • Producers as well as distributors of complete chemicals for industries and end-to-end users, comprising cellular polymers, dyes, specialty plastics, coatings, and other chemicals for subject applications. Included are manufacturers of dyes, flavors and fragrances, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals used in the manufacture of medicines, paint in the form of pigments, and raw glass. Manufacturers of paint and glass products for the building industry, which are classified in the Construction materials and accessories category, are excluded.

Forestry and papers

  • Owners and operators of forest estates, forest nurseries, and sawmills. Suppliers of finished wood products, such as wood beams, which are classified in the Building Materials and Accessories category are excluded.
  • Producers, converters, wholesalers, and distributors of papers of all qualities. Excludes manufacturers of printed forms, which are classified as Professional Support Services, and manufacturers of paper products such as cups and napkins, which are classified as Household Non-Durable Products.

Industrial metals and mining

  • Companies that mine or route bauxite, or that manufacture as well as distribute rods, aluminum bars, and other products for use in other sectors. Excluding manufacturers of finished aluminum products, such as aluminum siding, which will be divided into other categories based on the type of finished product.
  • Producers and distributors of products from metals and primary metals other than iron, aluminum, and steel. Excluding companies that manufacture finished products, which will be divided into other categories according to the type of finished product.
  • Chemical manufacturer Malaysia and stockists of primary iron and primary steel products such as pipes, wires, sheets, and bars, encompassing all processes, from smelting in blast furnaces to rolling mills or foundries. Comprises companies that principally mine iron ores.


Coal Companies carrying out coal exploration or extraction activities.

  • Diamonds and precious stones Companies engaged in the exploration and production of diamonds and other precious stones.
  • General mining activities companies carrying out exploration, extraction, or refining activities of ores not defined in another category of the Mining sector.
  • Gold mines Prospectors, extractors, and refiners of gold ores.
  • Platinum and precious metals Companies engaged in mining exploration and production of platinum, silver, and other precious metals not defined in other categories.

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