Bila Orang Pregnant Mengamuk

Dipendekkan cerita, seorang suami bermain kayu tiga kerana dia horni dan isterinya yang sedang mengandung enggan memuaskan nafsunya. Tempat dia melepaskan kehorniannya adalah seorang fitness trainer yang berumur 24 tahun, ada gambar di bawah. Disebabkan cemburu, isterinya yang sedang mengandung itu menyerang perempuan tersebut di pangsapurinya. Isteri tersebut mencekik dan menghiris leher perempuan tersebut. Kemudian, dia kenakan perempuan tersebut dengan kejutan elektrik sehingga separa hangus mayatnya.

Moralnya, jangan main-main dengan perempuan mengandung. Kalau nak berlaku curang sangat, carilah waktu lain yang lebih sesuai.

A 24 year old fitness trainer, she’d been getting busy with a local lad in her apartment complex. His eye had wandered, you see, because his pregnant wife was a bit cranky and withholding of the pussy. Unfortunately, the pregnant wife caught on to the deception and put her own plots in motion. Fueled by jealous rage and pregnant hormones, the green-eyed mommy-to-be crept into the fitness trainer’s apartment and waited until she returned home from the gym. Whereupon she promptly strangled the shit out of her, then slit her throat with a kitchen knife, and then electrocuted the alleged tramp for good measure. She left her rival on the kitchen floor smouldering with burns from the electricity across much of her upper body, locked the door behind her, and went back to her husband.